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The Grand Hotel della Posta houses a permanent art collection gathering the essence of Nineteenth Century’s Italian sculpture and including works by Arturo Martini and Daniel Spoerri together with remarkable paintings by Paolo Punzo, Augusto Colombo, Agostino Salloni, Peter De Witte said “il Candido”, Carlo Ceresa, Patrizia Guerresi, Dominique Laugé.

The collection enhances the interiors of the hotel as well as the exteriors, featuring such an exquisite level of fine elegance, and turning spaces into unique and tastefully furnished places. You will be plunged into an atmosphere where time seems to stand still.


In addition to the antique furniture that already existed in the building and that the Bank Piccolo Credito Valtellinese acquired by the previous management, ownership has decided to place in the hotel a considerable number of works of art drawn from its own collection. It is in the case of various types of paintings, mainly those of the eighteenth-century vintage, arising from the donation to the bank by the family Salis da Ponte; other of the modern age (years "40 and" 50) as the paintings depicting various peaks and lakes Valtellinesi, artist Paolo Bergamo Punzo; and finally the group of contemporary works of art, in the area of seminterranto, which boasts names such as Takis, Avalle and Lauge.

Important modern art sculpture, owned by the bank, have been placed in the rooms of the ground floor and in the garden, in particular citing the extensive collection of bronzes by sculptor Arturo Martini, as well as the very important group of marble slabs artist contemporary Daniel Spoerri titled "The Last Supper".